Toronto Women: A Walk Through History

A Walk Through History.

Pat Staton, author and publisher of Green Dragon press has had many hats-as a advocate for Canadian women’s rights, as an author and publisher of women’s resources, books and equity materials for schools and the broader public, as Coordinator of the Centre for Women’s studies and her work there to develop resources that focus on a gender equitable curriculum and as a volunteer on may committees. Pat is a founding member of  the Ontario Women’s History Network (OWHN) and founder of Green Dragon Press, and involved with a number of community groups.

New Book: Pat Staton, Toronto Women: A Walk Through History (Green Dragon Press, 2012)

The Toronto Heliconian Hall was built in 1876, and is the home of the Heliconian Club. The Club was established in 1909 to bring together professional women in music, art, dance, drama, and literature. For more information see the Heliconian Club.

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