Valerie Knapp


“Stitched Stories”
The Guild Shop – 118 Cumberland Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5R 1A6 – 416.921.1721 –
September 25th, 2013 – 6:30~9:00 (Presentation starting at 7:00 pm)

Artist Valerie Knapp Biography: Growing up in the beautiful lake district of Muskoka, Valerie was quick to join the Textile Studio at the then named Sheridan College School of Design (SOD grad’75). Wanderlust lead to a year in Paris, returning to found Viverie, an enterprising company of 10 vibrant years designing screen-printed fabrics, fashion and home furnishings. She went on to design textiles for children’s wear, raise a family, do graduate work in education (UofT), Head the Textile Studio at Sheridan College, teach, volunteer and exhibit. Today Valerie maintains an established Toronto practice comprised of her varied and poetic repertoire of printed and embroidered textile- and paper-based works including wall work, artist books, and the series Boxed Embroideries. She also designs a compelling product line and occasionally collaborates on custom textile projects for interiors.

Artist Statement/Presentation Description: Through processes including relief printing, drawing, embroidery, sewing and writing, Valerie explores ideas of memory, containment, conservation and time. Assembling and organizing is central to her work, as are repetition, pattern, sketching and storytelling. Stitches form a face, lines and dots from a pod, ink forms a dress and perforations can form a trunk.

For Herstories Cafe, Valerie will be looking back at her development as an artist, touching on her formative years of influence and education. While delving into more detail on recent years of her practice, she will discuss significant historical and contemporary influences and the ideas that shape her work. She will also talk about other relationships, in particular to woman’s lives, around concepts of domesticity, care giving and conserving: some of the ideals of femininity.

The Guild Shop and the Ontario Crafts Council: The Guild Shop is a program of the Ontario Crafts Council (OCC). The OCC is a not-for-profit, member-based organization that supports and is supported by the craft community. The scope of the OCC programming is far and wide: juried exhibitions at our gallery and offices, currently located at 990 Queen Street, West, Toronto, Ontario; awards and scholarships; Studio magazine, a biannual national publication; workshops, seminars and conferences; tangible benefits to our craftspeople, such as discounts for materials and resources and group rates for insurance benefits; and of course The Guild Shop.

At any given time, the OCC community is roughly 900-1200 members strong. And of those members, over 250 craftspeople are represented at The Guild Shop. Aside from these Southern Provincial representation are the Inuit and Native artists who are a crucial part of the success of the OCC as well. To note, The Guild Shop was the first establishment in Toronto to represent Inuit art, and continues to carry on the tradition of excellence and viability for many artists and communities.

The Guild Shop celebrates its 81st year.

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This event will take place in the Inuit & Native gallery section of the Guild Shop.